User Agreement

Chapter 1. General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of User Agreement (the “Agreement”) is to set forth the rights, obligations and responsibilities of BIOSESANG Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) and its users (the “User”) in terms of using internet related services (the “Service”) provided by the “BIOSESANG.COM” operated by the Company.

Article 2 (Definitions)

As used in this Agreement, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

  • (1) “BIOSESANG.COM” means a virtual business place which is set up for allowing Users to trade goods by using information and communications facilities including computers for providing goods to the Users.
  • (2) “User” shall mean a member and a non-member of Services who access to “BIOSESANG.COM” and receive the Services provided by “BIOSESANG.COM according to this Agreement.
Article 3 (Notice, Effect and Modification of Agreement)
  • (1) This Agreement shall come to effect immediately when it is publicly noticed to the Users.
  • (2) The Company may modify this Agreement when its circumstance changes or important business reason exists, and the modified agreement shall come into effect in such way as set forth in the foregoing Paragraph (1).
Article 4 (Other Laws and Regulations)

Any matter which is not set forth herein but prescribed in applicable laws and regulations shall be complied by such laws and regulations.

Chapter 2. Membership and Service Use

Article 1 (Formation of Service Use Agreement)
  • (1) Use agreement shall be formed when the Company accepts the use of Service by the User when the User files an application for such use and the User consents to the details of this Agreement.
  • (2) If an application for user agreement falls under any of the followings, the Company will not accept such application:
    • A. when the User files such application by using other person’s name;
    • B. when the User files such application not under his or her real name;
    • C. when the User fills out such application falsely; or
    • D. when the User files such application for the purpose of harming social order or public moral.
Article 2 (Use of Service and Restrictions)
  • (1) Services are provided all the year round and 24 hours each day without any specific disturbance in management or technology of Company, in principle.
  • (2) The service hour as set forth in the foregoing Paragraph (1) may be limited if necessary by giving prior notice to the members (the “Member”) of Services.
Article 3 (Suspension of Service)
  • (1) "BIOSESANG.COM" may suspend its provision of Services temporarily for the reason of system failure, loss of communication and regular inspection caused by force majeure.
  • (2) Upon suspension of Services under the foregoing Paragraph (1), "BIOSESANG.COM" will give a notice to the Users in the following way:
    If "BIOSESANG.COM" informs to the Member, such notice may be given through the e-mail address submitted by the Member to "BIOSESANG.COM."
    If "BIOSESANG.COM" informs to unspecified individuals, the notice to such individuals may be substituted by posting such notice on the customer notice of "BIOSESANG.COM".

Chapter 3. Obligations

Article 1 (Obligations of Company)
  • (1) The Company shall allow the User to use the Services on the commencement of provision of Services for which the Member files application form without justifiable circumstance.
  • (2) The Company is obliged to provide continuing and stable Services as stated herein.
  • (3) For any opinion raised by the Member in certain process, the Company will respond by going through proper process, and if a certain period is to be consumed for such handling, the Company shall inform such Member of the reason and schedule thereof.
  • (4) The Company shall strictly maintain the security of information of Members and use such information only for operation of quality Services and improvement of Services.
Article 2 (Obligations of Member)
  • (1) The Member shall be solely responsible for managing his or her ID and password.
  • (2) The Member shall consent to receive e-mails from the internet shopping mall of "BIOSESANG.COM" which will be sent for Services or other purposes.
  • (3) If his/her ID is wrongfully used or he/she considers that ID has been leaked, the Member shall inform to the Company without fail.
  • (4) The Member shall comply with this Agreement, applicable laws and regulations.

Chapter 4. Termination and Restrictions on Use of Service

Article 1 (Termination and Restrictions on Use)
  • (1) Any Member desiring to terminate user agreement may request for such termination by directly coming to the homepage of Service, entering into ‘My Page’ and push the button of membership withdrawal.
  • (2) Such termination of membership may be confirmed when the Member cannot login with his or her existing ID and password.
  • (3) If the Member commits any of the followings, the Company may terminate user agreement without prior notice or suspend the use of Services by giving a certain period:
    • A. when the Member commits an act against public order or good moral;
    • B. when the Member is involved in a crime;
    • C. when the Member plans or implements the use of Services for the purpose of hindering national benefit or public interest;
    • D. when the Member steals other person’s ID and password;
    • E. when the Member damages reputation of or disadvantages others;
    • F. when the same User makes double registration with different ID;
    • G. when the Member hinders sound use of Services including causing harm to the Services; or
    • H. when the Member commits any act which violates applicable laws and regulations or the terms and conditions of use of Services as determined by the Company.
Article 2 (Release Procedure of Restrictions on Use)
  • (1) If the Company desires to restrict the use of Services, the Company shall inform the relevant Member or his/her representative of the reason, date and period thereof in writing or by telephone.
  • (2) However, if the Company considers as necessary to suspend the use of Services urgently, the Company may restrict the use of Services without such notice as set forth in the foregoing Paragraph (1).
  • (3) Any Member or his/her representative who has received such notice of suspension under the foregoing Paragraph (1) and objects thereto may file an objection thereto.
  • (4) The Company shall immediately release its measure of such suspension only when it is confirmed that the reason of such suspension disappears.
Article 3 (Management of Post of Member)

If any article posted or registered by the Member in the internet shopping mall of BIOSESANG.COM is considered to fall under any of the followings, the Company may delete such article without giving any prior notice:

  • (1) when such article has contents damaging the reputation of individuals and entity by slandering or scheming;
  • (2) when such article is against public order and public moral;
  • (3) when such article has contents which are considered as equivalent to a crime;
  • (4) when such article infringes on the rights of others including copyright; or
  • (5) when such article violates applicable laws, obligations or the rules of Company.

(Supplementary Rules)
This Agreement shall be executed from the 1st day of January, 2002.