Brand Story

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BS Reagent Business Department

BIOSESANG is a pure Korean brand, and with over 10 years of efforts, it is standing along with other foreign brands to be stabilized as the main company leading life science in Korea.

Along with the pre-made buffer that was the first product to be developed in Korea to lead the market, new life science products such as Pre-made gel and Staining kit were developed, and new creative products are being developed every year to be introduced to the relevant talents in the biotechnology field.

Two products related to new drug development were applied for patent, and the research institute was established to perform national tasks and to develop new products. Currently, new products for the consumers such as sterilizing kitchen detergent and sterilizing deodorant are developed and waiting for launching.

Now, BIOSESANG will transform from the guardian angel for the scientists to the guardian angel for the people.


Educational Business Department

BIOSESANG is developing BIOSESANG-EDU KIT with know-how and confidence accumulated in the life science market to continue the efforts for nurturing talents in the science field.

For the children who have natural gift, excellent potential and enthusiasm for education, but are losing their dreams due to teaching by rote, creativity through science and a new place for learning are opened by BIOSESANG. Biosesang EDU will continue the support to be born again from the IT power nation to the BT power nation.

We wish for your great interests and love to become the top BIO power nation in the world, working for our children.



Through the continuous research and efforts by the affiliated research institute, BIOSESANG launched the new brand, PERFUME DESIGN.

PERFUME DESIGN is a brand in the concept of “Designing Fragrance”, and is an expression of new ambition for advancing into the Perfume market. As for the main products, FLORA fabric perfume was designed with deodorizing function, and CLOSER toilet perfume was designed as the air freshener and deodorant to be used in the toilet.

BIOSESANG performs from independent product planning to marketing, design, production and sales at the same time to provide the products to the consumers faster and more conveniently.

We hope the customers continue the love for BIOSESANG PERFUME DESIGN, and more creative new idea products will be developed for the customers.

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3M Business Department

BIOSESANG is the primary top venture of 3M Korea (FOOD SAFETY DIVISION), and is producing solutions and inspection KITs required for food safety management.

Top standard production facilities related to sterilization are possessed, and high-quality clean production system (QMB Certified) is introduced to produce the best products.

Main products are DILUENT, PIPETTE SWAB, sanitizer and “Sekyuneopneun Sesang”, and outstanding products related to product safety are being launched continuously through consistent R&D. Also, as the Korean exclusive distributor of 3M next-generation sterilizing antiseptic solution (Non-acidic HOCI) production equipment, we are leading the market. The BIOSESANG 3M business department considers production process improvement and customer satisfaction as top priority, and continues the great efforts for producing outstanding products.