BIOSESANG,Happy Company pursuing the dream!

BIOSESANG was established in May, 2002 to take up the challenge in the biotechnological reagent market dominated by the foreign products with pure domestic brand developed by the Company.

By the purpose and belief of "not going along with the existing value to challenge for new value”, the pre-made buffer market was pioneered for the first time in Korea, and the domestic brand "BIOSESANG" was researched and developed to be widely known domestically and in overseas to be acknowledged of its value.

In addition, the technology, know-how and performances were acknowledged to be in partnership with leading foreign companies such as 3M Korea.

BIOSESANG has developed new biotechnology products such as Pre-made buffer, Pre-made gel and Staining Kit, and applied for patent on 2 new drug developments.

The efforts of BIOSESANG are continuing today to continue the development and to create higher value.

We thank the customers for the warm encouragement, love and advices to BIOSESANG, and we promise to continue our efforts by not settling for the present and always challenging for the future. We wish for your love and interests.

Thank you.

CEO Lee Kang-il signature image