Privacy Policy

BIOSESANG.COM makes its best effort in strictly protecting the Personal Information of Customers as follows to ensure that the rights and interests of Customers using services (the “Service’) provided by BIOSESANG.COM will be protected, and the Customers can use the Services at an easy mind. The information protection policy as below may be modified by BIOSESANG.COM for providing better Services, and it is recommended that Customers frequently visit the site and access to such modified part.

1. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

The purpose of collection and use of Personal Information by BIOSESANG.COM is to properly process and provide to Customers free of charge the information necessary for Customers to use the Services of BIOSESANG.COM to ensure that Customers will purchase conveniently the goods or services through Services provided by BIOSESANG.COM.

In addition, BIOSESANG.COM may post or send an advertisement of the Service and goods provided by it and other services and goods not provided by it for the convenience of Customers.

In posting or sending such advertisement, BIOSESANG.COM provides only customer type information (e.g., man at the age of 28 and over) necessary for the advertiser and does not provide any information which can identify such Member.

Such advertisement may be made through e-mail as well as banner, and Any Customer not desiring to receive any e-mail advertisement may inform to the person in charge of managing Personal Information through e-mail so that the Customer is allowed not to receive any e-mail advertisement.

2. Scope and Method of Collection of Personal Information

BIOSESANG.COM collects only minimum Personal Information of Customer, who duly becomes a Member as a Member of BIOSESANG.COM under lawful procedure as required by the laws, when he or she becomes a Member.

The items of information collected while becoming a Member are consisting of required items including name, address, and telephone number and selective items including a system used by the Member.

For certain Service, even to the Customer which has not become a member of Service of BIOSESANG.COM or the Customer who has become a member of Service of BIOSESANG.COM, BIOSESANG.COM may request for provision of name, telephone number and other information necessary for identification or preparation of statistical data which cannot identify individuals and sending giveaway.

In such event, the information provided by the Customer will be used only for relevant Service or the purpose suggested by BIOSESANG.COM to the Customer not for any other purpose.

Even after consenting to collection of information as described above but desiring to withdraw such consent for the circumstance, the Customer shall inform his/her intent to withdraw through e-mail to the person in charge of managing Personal Information of Customers of BIOSESANG.COM.

3. Restrictions on Provision of Personal Information

BIOSESANG.COM does not provide any Personal Information provided by the Customer to other person, company and entity without the consent of the Customer: provided that this shall not apply to the cases that BIOSESANG.COM has justifiable reason for disclosure of Personal Information in order to take legal measures against the User breaching user agreement of BIOSESANG.COM or using the Service of BIOSESANG.COM in a way of harming the law or good moral.

In order to provide better Service to the Customers using online service of BIOSESANG.COM, BIOSESANG.COM may share with or provide the Personal Information of Customers to the partners of BIOSESANG.COM, and in such event, BIOSESANG.COM will inform the name of partners, purpose, type of information to be shared or provided and the period and method of management of Customer’s Personal Information to Customers, and obtain the consent from Customers prior to such sharing or provision of information.

If the Customer does not consent to sharing information, BIOSESANG.COM will not collect additional information for sharing with partners or share such information. Even when the Customer consents to sharing information but desires to withdraw such share or provision of information for his/her own circumstance, the Customer shall inform his/her intent thereof to the person in charge of managing Personal Information of BIOSESANG.COM before sharing or provision of information: provided that, if necessary for statistical processing, academic research, and market survey, BIOSESANG.COM may provide such information in a form with which the individual of Customer cannot be identified.

4. Access to and Correction of Personal Information of Customer

Any Customer who has registered as a Member of online Service of BIOSESANG.COM may access to or make correction in his/her own Personal Information, and such access and correction may be available in the menu of “Correction of Member Information” on the condition that the Customer enters his/her member ID and password.

5. Use of Cookie

In order to provide useful and suitable information to its Users, BIOSESANG.COM uses Cookie

Cookie is a tiny text file which the server of online service of BIOSESANG.COM sends to Customer’s computer and can identify the frequency of visit, type of use, purchase trend, and visit route of Customer, and these are used by BIOSESANG.COM for providing customized Service suitable to the Customer. If allowing Cookie, the Customer may use the online service of BIOSESANG.COM more conveniently, and of course, the Customer can decide whether to allow the Cookie or not.

Users may have options for allowing the use of Cookie: by setting up options in web browser, they can allow all the Cookies; they may require a confirmation whenever a Cookie is saved; and they can reject the save of any Cookie, and in such event of rejection, the Users may not be able to the parts of Services of BIOSESANG.COM.

6. Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information

While Customers as members of BIOSESANG.COM use Services provided by BIOSESANG.COM, BIOSESANG.COM continues to safely manage and retain their personal information until the purposes thereof will be achieved.

However, if any Customer requests for withdrawal and when the procedure of such withdrawal is completed or the purpose of collection of Personal Information informed to the Customer in advance while collecting Personal Information is achieved, BIOSESANG.COM will discard such Personal Information without delay, in principle.

If desiring to withdrawal of membership, the Customer shall file an application thereof with the information including name, ID, password and contact to the person in charge of managing Personal Information of Customers of BIOSESANG.COM through e-mail or telephone call.

In such event, BIOSESANG.COM will process such withdrawal after identifying the real name of Customer and inform the result thereof thereafter.

7. Method of Protection of Personal Information

In order to prevent illegal disclosure of Personal Information of Customers, BIOSESANG.COM uses the internet security solution.

In addition, BIOSESANG.COM limits the number of managers in charge of processing of Personal Information to the minimum and conducts education frequently to ensure that such managers will strictly protect Personal Information.

However, in addition of these effort of BIOSESANG.COM, it is necessary for Customer’s effort in protecting his/her own Personal Information. The Personal Information of Customer who has become a Member is managed to ensure that only the Member knowing member ID and password can access thereto.

Accordingly, the Customer shall not let any other person to know its password. For this, BIOSESANG.COM recommends that the Customer log out in online after finishing the work and end web browser.

BIOSESANG.COM does not ask the Customer to provide password through mail or telephone call.

  • Person in charge of managing Personal Information: Kang-il Lee
  • Tel.: +82-31- 707-2300
  • E-mail: